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Private Client Membership

Become a Private Client Today To Get Your Game Where You Have Always Wanted It To Be

The Private Client Membership provides you with top tier professional golf instruction with the learning formula of FREQUENCY with SUPPORT. Each person only has so much time to practice and everybody learns differently, but golf requires regularity with learning to achieve understanding and to implement the improvements. Regardless of budget and availability, there is an option for all players to get on the track to playing better golf and having fun. Get started today with a Swing Evaluation for just $129.

Fundamental - $275

Two 60 Minute Lessons Per Month
$75 Savings Per Month

Premium - $450
*Currently Unavailable

Four 60 Minute Lessons Per Month

$250 Savings Per Month

Private Client Advantages

CoachNow App Account that will store lesson notes and videos for your reference as well as unlimited remote lessons so you can get help anywhere anytime. All you have to do is upload a video into the app and I will provide you with a voiceover analysis.

Additional Information

The Private Client Membership requires a two-month minimum commitment. 

Billing is done automatically every 30 days from the contract activation date

To cancel or freeze a Private Client Membership notice must be given 7 days prior to the beginning of the billing period via email to

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